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Renoviso is improving the home renovation experience with an online estimate tool, while also providing project management with local contractors.

The Team
Stakeholders, Lead UX Designer, Developers, UX Copywriter, Marketing
My Role
I was a Contract UX Designer tasked with redesign the Renoviso website to strengthen the visual aesthetics and enhance conversion rates.
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2 screens from the Renoviso website.


The Renoviso website was in need of an overhaul. There was unnecessary duplicate content, inconsistent voice and messaging, and a need to update the visual design to build user confidence and stand out from competitors. Most importantly, we needed to implement a project focused approach to improve the user experience.


Build a new website with restructured content based off of current test results, updated copy, and a new visual design to have better storytelling, intuitive flow, and less cognitive load to enhance the user experience as well improve conversion to achieve business goals.


I gathered all the information the team had put together to learn more about our users and how they interact with the website. There was video recordings from user interviews, results from A/B tests, as well as a tool called Inspectlet, which records user sessions and provides website heat maps.
  • We just started to test a "Help Me Choose" flow, that was showing a high conversion rate, but was still too early to tell its impact. We added the "Help Me Choose" option to the main navigation and to the category landing page to highlight it until we found more sound results.
  • The reviews and gallery pages was getting a lot of traffic so we added them to the homepage.
  • The updated website writing felt too fluffy for our primary users. The primary user is ages 45-65 and all mentioned that it felt too young and hip, so we made the tone a little more to the point.


Before I started working with Renoviso, they had a new Homepage mockup created from a digital agency. I took the design elements, patterns and illustration style from the agency and applied them to the rest of the website.

We restructured the content to display the benefits of Renoviso, highlight completed projects reviews, and feature the "Help Me Choose" by adding it to the navigation.

The homepage screen with the navigation menu opened up.
Category Landing Page

We restructured the content to display the benefits of Renoviso, highlight completed projects reviews, and feature the "Help Me Choose" by adding it to the navigation.

Category landing page screen.
Help Me Choose

This is a project focused flow that is a wizard approach to display options that fit their project needs.I created the illustrations to match the feel of the rest of the website.

Help me choose screen design.
Multiple Project Checkout

In the case that a user is creating multiple projects, they will have the option to choose based on price and quality. The the user can quickly distinguish the differences in the highlighted areas at the top. The user will then submit their contact information and a Renoviso Project Consultant will reach out to them to schedule a in home estimate.

Multiple project checkout screen design.
An iPhone, iPad, and iMac displaying the homepage design.

Next Steps

  • The "Help Me Choose" project focused flow has started to show a higher initial contact conversion rate. I would like to lead with this choice first before giving the option of configuring a project from scratch.
  • We found through A/B testing that personalizing the landing page to a user's location was beneficial. I would like to update the design to feel more local to a user.
  • I also started building a style guide to speed up the design and development process. The next steps would be to create a design system so developers can quickly build and iterate.
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